What exactly happens at an appointment?

Each individual is unique and therefore every session requires a unique approach.

I spend a large part of our first session together compiling a detailed case history - this is completely confidential.

From this I tailor an individual approach to the issue and deliver the therapy based on our negotiated goals for each session, modifying the therapy according to our progress.  

Each session is normally 60 minutes with the exception of Smoking Cessation Therapy and Nail Biting which are a single 1.5-2 hour session

Where I practice

Cure by Nature SignI currently practice in Putney and Southfields

Appointments are available in Putney and Southfields

I currently practice in central Putney (Stamford Square SW15) seconds from East Putney Tube and approx 8 minutes from Putney Overground.

Southfields Practice is at Cure by Nature (http://www.cure-by-nature.com), 95 Replingham Road, Southfields. SW18 5LU

Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am to (last appointment) 8pm

Scheduling a session

I will recommend we diary three sessions to begin a phase of treatment and review at the end of session three.

In many cases it is likely that your symptom will begin to shift quite quickly – this is the nature of clinical hypnosis. A part of this is driven by commitment to the sessions.

At the time of booking an appointment, you will be asked to leave a contact e mail address a phone number. On your first appointment, you will be asked to pay for that and your final appointment, this means you leave a security deposit against cancellation outside of the cancellation terms. Cancellation is 48 hours notice on core working days (Mon-Fri) times 09:00 to 17:30. This will be redeemed on your final session.

Fees, Payment Methods & Cancellation Policy

Fees per consultation: £110.00

Smoking cessation: £225.00

Payments can be made with a cheque with a banker’s card, cash, debit card and all major credit cards (£2.00 card fee added for each transaction).

am ex cardsmaestro cardsmastercard cardsvisa cardsvisa debit cards

Cancellation Policy

I have a very clear policy on missed or cancelled sessions which I find works well for myself and my clients:

Pre-arranged absences holidays etc: No charge
Cancellation within 48hrs: Full Fee
No notice and the session is missed: Full Fee


I will never break confidentiality – except – if you are about to harm yourself or another or break the law in a way that may harm someone. In either of these cases I will talk to you about this first.


*Please note that the time needed to work on a problem can vary significantly from person to person, these examples are provided to give you an idea of the efficacy of Hypnotherapy, but are not intended as an indication of what you might expect personally.

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