NG came to me for depression and a feeling of failure...

I initially sought out Doug’s help in an attempt to overcome the constant negativity that was weighing me down and causing me to fail, or at least feel like I was failing in all areas of my life: personal, professional, financial.

I was suffering all the usual symptoms associated with depression (stress, anger, self loathing, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, sleepless nights etc) and consequently trapped in a vicious circle with no seeming escape.

Working with Doug I was able to focus on all that was good and positive, allowing me to sleep at nights, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and start smiling again. On a deeper level Doug made me realise that all is not as bad as it seems and has allowed my mind to reconnect with the positive emotions (and, consequently, positive people) in life rather than focus on the negative.

I came to look forward to our weekly sessions of hypnotherapy, though initially sceptical and embarrassed, and was quite amazed to feel the difference as my spirits were lifted.

N G, Blackheath, London SE3

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*Please note that the time needed to work on a problem can vary significantly from person to person, these examples are provided to give you an idea of the efficacy of Hypnotherapy, but are not intended as an indication of what you might expect personally.

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