Irritable bowel syndrome can manifest in a variety of ways. Its onset is usually signalled by abdominal pain, urgency to visit a toilet, bloating and sometimes back pain, belching and nausea.

You may find certain foods, situations, events and meetings are really difficult. You probably find yourself scanning for toilets when you are in a new place.

Sometimes when the cramps get bad it is really difficult to concentrate. When you are bloated you feel self conscious and don’t feel like being around other people. 

IBS can range from a mildly uncomfortable condition that appears occasionally to a chronic condition that begins to interfere with many of life's pleasures. 

IBS Symptoms and Causes

If you are dealing with IBS you may be experiencing;

  • Abdominal distress or pain
  • Variations in patterns of defecation
  • Urgency - the need to open your bowel at very short notice
  • Bloating
  • Back pain
  • Nausea, belching or even vomiting.

The cause of IBS is not completely clear. It may however be linked to stress related chemicals in the body responsible for the fight or flight mechanism. As these chemicals put the body on 'red alert' the digestive system naturally goes into a low gear or even shut down. Eating when the digestive system is in shut down can begin to manifest the above symptoms.

IBS can be divided into mild, moderate and severe symptoms. Usually once you are experiencing moderate to severe symptoms you will find you life interrupted and difficult patterns emerge. 

Often laxative or pharmaceuticals maybe used to curb the polarities of IBS swings. Unfortunately these may entrench and cause deeper issues.

How Hypnotherapy helps

Hypnotherapy is an excellent intervention for IBS.

A recent clinical study at Manchester University showed tangible results within twelve weeks*. 70% of the participants received substantial or total relief. There are specific clinical procedures that alleviate symptoms and reduce the internal stress that causes IBS. 


The fight/flight response is immediately and directly addressed. 

Practising techniques negotiated in therapy sessions very quickly begins to turn this response right down inducing a physiological change that balances the digestive system.

This allows the digestive system to begin to 'unfreeze' and process food at a normal pace, reducing the symptoms.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a quick, drug free solution that will have some very beneficial side effects. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful, safe and fast tool in the right hands. Look at How Hypnotherapy Works for a jargon free explanation of this process.

*Please note that the time needed to work on a problem can vary significantly from person to person, these examples are provided to give you an idea of the efficacy of Hypnotherapy, but are not intended as an indication of what you might expect personally.

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