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Ageing Gracefully

Ageing Gracefully
Growing Older
 In my Southfields Practice Ive seen quite a few new clients that have shown up with surface anxieties - sleep, health and relationship, on closer examination it has been clear that the real anxiety was ageing. 
 Day to day life can be so hectic, so many responsibilities we seldom have much chance to address one of life's givens - ageing. Ageing for all of us makes us face the inevitable change in our lives, jobs come and go, people move on, kids grow up. Actually it takes some bravery to properly engage with the fact of our mortality. One thing for sure is that either over ignorance of our ageing or over focus leads to psychological pain, anxiety and suffering.
 The antidote to this fact is to talk, talk to your loved  ones about that changes you are experiencing; connecting with people discharges the existential angst...
 This is a rather beautiful account of a very highly respected therapist and one or two client cases studies relating to this topic.
Happy Ageing
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