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Better sleep? 5 Tips for Better Sleep

Better sleep? 5 Tips for Better Sleep

If it came in tablet form......

Unfortunately it doesn't, and sleep is pretty much the one thing that anything more than a mild or odd night of disruption can quickly effect everything; your mood, your performance, your patience and many other things.

Sleep disruption can often be a sign something isn't right in your world, so think about it as a messenger.


Here are some top tips for better sleep

1. Thinking about sleep disturbance as a symptom...think to yourself, what is going on for me right now, whats changed? This may be a way of begining to process the root cause.

2. Avoid your tablet/phone/laptop 45mins before bed; the backlight can (despite all sorts of claims from mobile suppliers) stimulate the parts of your brain that register 'it's daytime!'

3. Bin caffeine, it's responsible for about 30-50% of all cases of insomnia, it creates huge dips and peaks in the metabolism, in my clinic it's one of the first checks I make

4. The last 45 mins before bed do something relaxing; a bath, read (something easy), dim the lights, avoid strenuous exercise and high intensity activities - they only rev up the nervous system.

5. Begin to put a regular wake/sleep routine into place - for those that are parents you know how powerful this is for children, we also need this adults! 


Sleep disruption can be reduced significantly with a short course of clinical hypnosis.

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