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Is Your Gut Affecting Your Mental Health?

A gut full of diverse microbes – bacteria, viruses and fungi – is essential for a healthy mind and body. And evidence is growing that our modern diet, overuse of antibiotics and obsession with cleanliness are damaging the diversity of microbes that l...
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Can Doing Fun Activities Cure My Depression?

Great Article on an activity approach to depressionGoing out for dinner, learning to tap dance or seeing friends are all effective treatments for depression, according to recent research published in the Lancet. These activities even have a therapeut...
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Why We Are Attracted To Our Friends

The friends in the 90s sitcom Friends were often anything but. I lost track of how many times Ross and Rachel got together and broke up, only to hop back into the sack by the time the season finale rolled around. Then Chandler and Monica got in on th...
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How a 'Lay-in' Can Torpedo Your Diet

Are you a morning person—someone who wakes and rises early, perhaps without the help of an alarm? Or do you tend to sleep late, and cherish every extra minute of morning rest? The timing of your sleep may not only matter to your rest itself, but also...
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