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Confidence at Work ....MORE PLEASE!

The old saying, "it aint what you do, it's the way that you do it" (and a Bananarama hit for those of us old enought to remember), is never truer. Why is it you can say exactly the same thing as that new chap but the idea didn't get the airtime it de...
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Relationship Ending?

Health Anxiety - People Don't Understand

 Health Anxiety is probably one of the most misunderstood difficulties. The layers of anxiety can be very complex and build over a period of time, the illustration above gives a sense of this and how it amplifies itself.One additional problem is...
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Perfection - The Ruthless Taskmaster - 5 Tips To an Easier Life

Perfection is banded around in our society as a panacea, it can, when it shows up as a big feature in your personality be a ruthless and brutal taskmaster.Sometimes this can arise through your enviroment (as a child, culturally, workplace) and imprin...
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*Please note that the time needed to work on a problem can vary significantly from person to person, these examples are provided to give you an idea of the efficacy of Hypnotherapy, but are not intended as an indication of what you might expect personally.

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