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Flying soon? Fly well to start your break - 5 Tips

Flying soon? Fly well to start your break - 5 Tips

Southfields, Wimbledon Park, Earlsfields is full of people about to go away for their annual leave. For some this is a difficult time - its a toss up between how much time we can tolerate on an aircraft and for some, IF we can tolerate any time on an aircraft at all. Some clients I have worked with have avoided long haul for many years and miss their families or travel ambitions a great deal.

Here are 5 tips to increasing comfort when flying if you have a tendency toward anxiety or panic

1. In the weeks running up to the departure practice a mental movie of a calm, easy boarding, flight, and landing. Do this just before you goto sleep. Flight phobics tend to do the opposite unconsciously in the days running up to the flight - avoid this and interrupt those negative thoughts with point 3.

2. Avoid caffeine the day before and the day of flying - it elevates the nervous system and some of those physical changes can be interpreted as the beginnings of panic attacks.

3. Think of 3 memories you have of calmness, safety and security. Write them out well before you go, practice reading through this daily, you can add in a simple gesture like making a circle with your thumb and index finger whilst you recall this. This practice allows the increasing clarity of the memories you are to become associated with the gesture, all of this increases the potency of the memory - which you can use as a rescue remedy on the day if necessary.

4. Book your favourite seat in advance - you'll at least get a good start to the flight

5. On board focus on the pleasure of the destination and your favourite relaxing activity once there.

Please get in touch if you would like further information on treatment. Most flight phobias can be treated in a few hours for permanent relief.

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