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Mum to be, things to watch for...

In my Wandsworth and Southfields clinics recently I have had a number of mums - post birth - quite distressed.

One of the main problems seems to be the anxiety generated from the assumption everybody eleses preganancy has gone just fine and in other mums worlds the sun is shining bright!


Its a common misperception - you see mums up and down the high street looking smiley and radiant, and all the time you are feeling wrung out, like its not really making sense and wondered if your child care approach is ok?


The reality is for for about one in five mums things can be anything from pretty difficult to seriously distressing, and the sense of lonliness and isolation this can produce is alarming. The reality is that one of the miracles of nature can be highly demanding and leave you feeling weakened and not your usual self.


Often one of my first jobs is to present this reality to them; it aint easy (at times) and reaching out is necessary for you and your new born. 


Three useful tips:

1. The minute you feel this sense of isolation seek some help, be it practical (get help with your care in the early days) or emotional - reach out to a friend or a professional

2. Talk to your partner about how you feel - its important that you are both on the same page

3. If you are concerned you are becoming depressed (and about 10-15% do) go see your GP, sooner rather than later.



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