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Perfection - The Ruthless Taskmaster - 5 Tips To an Easier Life

Perfection is banded around in our society as a panacea, it can, when it shows up as a big feature in your personality be a ruthless and brutal taskmaster.

Sometimes this can arise through your enviroment (as a child, culturally, workplace) and imprint itself. The long and the short of it is that you feel that you never quite make the grade, your feel emotionally drained and life can seem a bit difficult.


Here are 5 Tips to combat an internal perfection critic

1. Congratulate yourself for participating - whatever the result

2. Your 8 out of 10 is most people 10 out of ten, see if you can swing more toward the 8 more often

3. Set yourself really specific goals - do not do ANYTHING ELSE on the list

4. Set aside 'unstructured time' - maybe 15 minutes everyday to start with, this help ween you off the 'must-be-doing treadmill

5. Begin an internal dialogue with your critic - give it a name, challenge its demands!


Good luck 

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