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Wedding Day? A great tip to combat anxiety on the day

Wedding Day? A great tip to combat anxiety on the day

In Southfields, Earlsfield and Putney clinics its the time of year for weddings. Such a wonderful day can be a heady mix of emotions; joy, excitement, responsibility and the inevitable nerves. So much planning, rehearsal, time, money and the want to make it such a special day can lead to a bit of 'stage fright'.

Often when we are nervous about a forthcoming event we inadvertently allow our mind to drift onto all the possible pitfalls and explore these possibilities with arduous detail. Though logically we know this to be 'just daydreaming' or that moment just before sleep when things run through the mind, unfortunately our nervous system does not. The reality is that imagined or real our nervous system can be activated - positively or negatively.

Try focusing your imagination on your favourite meal before meal time. What happens? Well for most of us after quite a short time period the nervous system triggers digestion and salivation occurs, stomach rumbles and the body readies itself. Where is the food? In your imagination is the answer. The nervous system can react the same way - negatively or positively - with any forthcoming event.

Try rehearsing the various aspects of the wedding in your head before sleep, once or twice during the day, and imagine it happening really well. What happens? Well the nervous systems is flooded with serotonin, opiates and other 'feel good' will also begin to pre programme the forthcoming event in your memory and associate it with a positive outcome. Its a type of conditioning - a bit like old Pavlovs dog.

This will also work really well if you are best man or maid of honour.

This can be further enhanced using additional tools such timeline and future orientation hypnosis.

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